Monday, November 21, 2011

Daddy says...

Let daddy see, baby.
Let daddy see the pretty lil panties you put on, for him.
Good girl, daddy likes those.
So pretty.
You know what daddys going to do to them, dont you baby?
Daddys gonna make them naughty, isnt he?
Daddys gonna make them all wet.

You want daddy to make them wet and naughty, dont you?
Good girl.

Tell daddy, baby.
Tell daddy what you want...

Oh daaaddy....pleeease make my panties naughty daddy.

I wimper in his ear as he slips his hands up under my shirt and pinches my pretty pink nipples between his big strong fingers. I jump at first contact. Daddy pinches and twists and caresses and pulls. Daddy knows... Daddy knows how to make the panties wet.

Daddy says...

Good girl...let daddy.
Let daddy touch them baby.
Let daddy play.
Good girl...
Daddy likes that.
You like that too, dont you baby?
Daddys girl likes daddy playing with her nipples, doesnt she?

I nod as I put my thumb in my mouth and begin to suck.
Daddy knows that means it feels good...
Daddy pinches more.

Good girl..
Let daddy,
Let daddy make the panties wet, baby.
Cum for daddy in the naughty panties.
Make it wet, for daddy...

Goooooood girrrrrrl...

Cum for daddy.
Cum in the panties, baby.
Cum in the panties, for daddy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daddy says...

Go get your new panties baby.
The ones daddy bought for you at walmart.
Let daddy pick one.

I trot happily into the bedroom to get the pack of panties daddy bought for me, practically running back into the living room with them, back to daddy.

They are daddy's panties.
Only to be worn when daddy says.

I sit right on daddy's lap.

Daddy says...

Which ones do you want to wear babygirl?
Pick a pair for daddy, baby.
Which ones do you want daddy to make wet today?
Oh, good girl, daddy likes pink too.
Go put them on baby.
Nothing else, just the panties, baby.

I run to the bedroom, stripping my clothes as quickly as I possibly can. I slide the brand new pink polka dot panties over my aching pussy and tight round ass. I look like such a good girl in them. Daddy's good girl. I smile at my reflection in the mirror. Standing there in good girl panties that daddy is going to make wet...wet and naughty.

I run back to the living room.

Daddy says...

Oh baby, you look so pretty.
Come here , let daddy see.
Ooooh baby, they look sooooo cute.
Sooo cute for daddy.
Such a good girl.
Come sit on daddy's lap.

Daddy's huge cock is already hard. Poking straight up in his cotton lounge shorts. Daddy pulls it out. It is sooo very big. Daddy helps me onto his lap, positioning his cock so that it is pressing right into the crack of my ass. The pink cotton fabric, the only thing keeping daddy's cock from violating my tight little hole. Daddy pulls me up against is big hard chest. His arms wrap around me. He quickly put a nipple in each of his hands. Pinching them. Twisting them so perfectly. Making me squirm against him. Making my ass press into his cock. Whispering the naughty things I love to hear.

Daddy says...

Good girl.
You feel daddy's big cock, don't you baby?
You see how hard you make daddy.
That's a good girl.
Wiggle those panties all over daddy's cock.
Good girl.
You like it when daddy pinches those pretty little titties, don't you baby?
I know baby, I know.
It feels so good doesn't it?
You want daddy to make that pussy cum, baby?
You want daddy make it cum?
That's a good girl.
Cum for daddy.
Get those panties all wet.
That's a girl.
Cum wet for daddy.
Make the pretty new panties all wet for daddy.
Good girl.
Daddy felt that one baby.
Daddy made her cum good didn't he?
Feel daddy's cock baby?
Feel it?
Pressing all up in those wet panties.
Good girl.
Just let daddy keep playing, baby.
I know, I know.
Let daddy make it feel good, baby.
Let daddy make the panties all wet.
Daddy likes wet panties, baby.

Daddy continues to molest my tight little nipples. Telling me what a good girl I am. Twisting and pinching them, making me cum. Making my panties wet as over and over daddy pinches my sore nipples. Cum gushes from my pussy as my body writhes all over his chest. His cock is harder than ever. Pressing my wet panties into my ass. Making my pussy scream to be filled. Daddy knows this. One nipple is suddenly turned loose and the naughty words starts again.

Daddy says...

Good girl.
Let daddy feel those panties baby.
Oh they are soooo wet.
That's my good girl.
Made those panties so wet for daddy, didn't you baby?
Look at you squirming.
Trying to get daddy's finger inside those panties aren't you, baby?
That little pussy needs something, doesn't it, baby?
That little pussy needs to be filled.
Is that what that pussy wants, baby?
Does that pussy want one of daddy's fingers in it?
There you go baby, there you go.
There's one of daddy's fingers.
Way up in that wet pussy.
Oh yes, that's my good girl.
Press against daddy's finger.
Get it all in there.
Good girl.
Let daddy get to the cum, baby.
Let daddy get it.
There it is, there it is, baby.
Daddy's finger found the cum!
That's a good girl.
Cum all over daddy's finger.
Give it to daddy, baby.
Give daddy all the cum.